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Dearborn Muslims Stone Christians

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Growing up in the Detroit area, most of even what I knew about the largest city in Michigan consisted of crime, the Big 3 (car companies), Motown, Canadian borders separated by the Detroit River, fun festivals and what I learned from Eminem and Kid Rock songs. I'm sure I learned more in school, but I don't remember Spanish class. I can ask for tacos in Spanish and that's about it.

Detroit has been in the movies a lot lately as people rally to help rebuild the city to its former glory. It's also extremely cheap for movies and TV shows to be made here. But there are a lot of very interesting facts about Detroit most people, including Detroiters, probably aren't aware of outside of other famous reference names like Motown, The Motor City, The "D", Hockey town, "Paris of the Midwest, and Rock City....

1. Founded in 1701, Detroit is probably most famous for the music of Motown where many music legends started like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson (and the Jackson 5), The Supremes, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, etc. In modern times, most notably, Eminem, Madonna, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock.

Did you know that Detroit is also the birthplace of Techno? Detroit is where techno originated underground by "The Godfathers of Techno", Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson in the 1980's. Techno is mostly associated with European style music when in fact it started right here. DJs and partiers from all over the world converge on the city to celebrate it's birth every Memorial Day weekend at the Electronic Music Festival in Detroit.

2. The Great Salt Mines that run beneath the city and downriver area where it's estimated there is enough salt under the Detroit area to last 70 million years. You may see Morton Salt canisters sitting on your local grocery shelves. Once in a while you may hear the faint sound and vibration of dynamite beneath your feet as miners blast their way through the massive salt deposits.

3. Detroit is the only place in the 48 contiguous states where we can look South to Canada.

4. Detroit held the first ever radio news broadcast.

5. Detroit had the very first concrete roads paved in the world and the first freeway (The Davison)

6. Detroit was Michigan's capital from 1805-1847.

7. Detroit was captured by the British in the war of 1812, but recaptured a year later.

8. Its first Mayor, John R. Williams, spoke only French.

9. Detroit hosts some of the most beautiful mansions dating back 200 years and exquisite French architecture in the world.

10. Detroit built the first auto tunnel connecting two countries.

11. Coney Island Hot Dogs are not native to New York, but Detroit.

Texas Dad Kills Child Molester

Houston Chronicle Story

A Texas father caught a 47 year old man molesting his 4 year old daughter behind a barn. After hearing his daughter scream, the dad ran to her aid, found the molester on top of his daughter, pulled him off then beat him to death. No charges have been filed yet against the father and I'll be shocked if any are.

According to Texas penal Code 9:32 (B), this dad had every right to kill the molester. Even if this penal code didn't exist, Texas would be hard pressed to find a judge and jury to convict this guy.

These days with extreme selfishness rampant, where molestation is one of the most least reported crimes, when caregivers commonly protect the molester rather than the victim for selfish reasons and it's swept under the rug, it's shocking to society to hear about someone immediately protecting their child. That's what I find sad about this story.


What do you think? Convict the father or dismiss the case?

Creflo Dollar Arrested For Choking Daughter

Fox News Story

The mega church leader punched and choked his 15 year old daughter. Not this honest preacher who sucks his congregation dry to pay for his lavish lifestyle and private jet. Say it ain't so! Creflo would never lie!


Police were called to his home about 1 a.m. Friday where he was arrested for punching, choking and hitting his 15 year old daughter with his shoe. His 19 year old daughter also told police her sister was slapped and choked by their father.

Of course he denies it! If he tells the truth he'll lose money. Creflo Dollar has been on the Government's radar for a while. They're just itching to bust him with fraud. It will all end well. The charges will be dropped or significantly reduced because the entire family's lifestyle depends on it. Dollar can't lose that jet. Drive to his next $100,000 speaking engagement to scratch itching ears? Are you insane! That's beneath him....

The Christian And Prozac

The Gospel According To Prozac

Whatever the case may be that a Christian considers taking Prozac, careful thought and a whole lot of prayer need to go into the decision. Though Prozac is wildly successful at treating many mood problems, we  also have to be careful of the "quick fix syndrome" in our society.

It would also be wise to study how others have dealt with severe depression without the aid of a drug, such as Charles Spurgeon and the Prophet Elijah. Suffering is a part of our Christian walk and God uses suffering to teach, mold us and create us into the image of Christ.

Whatever the case may be if you are taking this drug to treat depression, OCD, anxiety, etc., the goal should not be to block the problems we have with Prozac so we can live "happy" and indifferent to the real underlying problems, but to learn how to deal with the underlying problems aided by Prozac so we can eventually handle them without the need of a mood altering drug.

Stress, depression and anxiety all use up serotonin in great quantities that Prozac balances. More importantly than taking medication to alleviate the low levels, one must consider why they are depressed, stressed and anxious to begin with. More often than not, there are many other ways of calming and restoring healthy levels of serotonin. There may just be a gaping, festering wound caused by sin in our lives that we use Prozac to cover up like a band-aid.

Before taking this drug, please consult the Lord and His word first and foremost. Then speak with your Pastor. While it's nice to have a quick fix, in the long run we only do more damage to ourselves.

Recommended Reading: He's At The Door

Mary According To Scripture

Debate between a Catholic Priest and Protestant. According to Scripture, who was Mary? Was she divine? Was she without sin? Did she have other children? Aside from tradition and legends, who and what was she in regard to what the bible teaches? Since Scripture is the final authority and God's revelation to mankind, should we not go there to find the answers?

From Lighthouse Trails Research

Help Free 27 Million Held In Slavery

Be A Man!

An Epidemic Of Terrible Times

"But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good,  treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people." 2 Timothy 3:1-5

During a visit to my local salon for a trim, I over heard a mother telling the hairdresser that her two daughters loved "Jersey Shore". There were two little girls playing with a basket of toys in the seating area where I was. They couldn't have been more than seven years old. As the two played on their knees with dolls and bickered over them, I realized they were that woman's kids. She confirmed it when she yelled at them from her chair, where she was getting a cut, to stop fighting.

She then went on saying that her girls never missed an episode because they scream if they do and she DVR's all the episodes so they can watch them as much as they want. As they went on to discuss how the hairdresser herself was a huge fan, I looked back at the two little girls playing on the floor and was aghast.

I don't have a TV. My husband removed them from the house when we got married, but I know what Jersey Shore is. They're all over news sites and youtube. I have a feeling, judging by how popular the show is, that she's not the only mom raising her kids on shows like that. What can Jersey Shore possibly teach kids let alone adults? Why in the world would any parent want to expose their kids to such debauchery? Garbage in, garbage out. Because of this diet of trash fed to us our entire lives, and because we're taught "self-esteem" to greater extents than math and a writing, we wonder what is happening to our society.

We wonder why there's so much depression, suicide, drug use and violence among our youth. It's because we are a nation of narcissists and we inundate our brains, and our children's brains, with narcissism. Several studies have been done all over the world and found narcissism is an epidemic throughout the world especially among women and teens.

Shocked by the extent to which mothers are violent towards their own children in this nation? Narcissism: a deep sense of entitlement, overblown estimation of self, extreme selfishness and pride. Researchers found it gained momentum during the 70's. Can we really be shocked about that? People all over the world are not just displaying narcissistic traits, but full blown NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). NPD is extremely dangerous to those around the disordered person.

America is fast becoming The home of the brave narcissist. We are cultivating it in ourselves and our children. NPD has a nasty backlash. Have you ever dealt with someone who has NPD? I have and it's downright horrific. NPD is exactly what Paul described to Timothy about the last days.

Instead of hindering the propensity of narcissism in all people and instilling a sense of right and wrong, we're cultivating it, flooding our kids and ourselves with the lie that we deserve the best, are entitled to whatever we want because we're so special, materialism, self esteem, dangerous pride and all sorts of depravity.

We tell ourselves and our kids that our own happiness is much more important than others. If it makes us feel good then we should be free to do. Raping makes a rapist feel good. Should he be allowed to do it then without consequences? Our extreme selfishness and quest for our own happiness at the expense of others does tragic harm to everyone despite the lie, "I'm not hurting anyone by it." It's changed society as a whole world wide and raised up an epidemic so depraved, so evil, we can only view it correctly in light of end time Biblical prophecy.

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I scored a '5'. What are your scores?
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