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Secret Bible Predicts Muhammad?


Here's something that's not a secret: Islam is losing 6 million Muslims a year to Christianity. Islam is NOT the fastest growing religion. In fact, it's in serious decline. Christianity is sweeping through Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Am I surprised this supposedly secret book has been produced in light of the statistical facts that Muslims leaders and clerics are well aware of? Absolutely not.

 Islam also claims the Bible, without this "secret Bible" predicts Muhammad's coming, which is embarrassing for those who claim this because it's glaringly obvious they pick and choose verses and run with it without taking them into context. As I've been saying for years, even while I was Muslim, the claims Islam makes about Scripture and Christianity is so stupid that I cringe and am embarrassed for them. This same Bible they claim predicts Muhammad they also claim is corrupt. This same Bible they claim to honor, they call corrupt. You can't honor, let alone believe, something that is "corrupt". They only honor it when it suits them or they think it backs their beliefs.

I can pull some Scriptures out as well and force them to back my own theories and ideals. That means absolutely nothing. But when taken as a whole, the Bible completely runs contrary to Islam and the Koran. This is why Muslims, who most don't even know the Koran because they don't speak or read Arabic, won't touch the Bible. They've been taught since birth that it's corrupt. When most Muslims do read the Bible, it's not the Bible they turn on, it's their own Koran and beliefs.

Whatever this "book" found is, they are dating it to be 1500 years old. If those dates are even correct, it's still not close to being old enough to challenge the earliest recorded manuscripts of the New Testament alone known to exist and securely dated to 2 AD. Some are believed to be older than that, but requires more testing.

This is how Islam had it's beginnings. "Secret" meetings between a single man in a cave between he and the angel Gabriel. Outside of Judaism and Christianity, every other religion, cult or sect has derived from a "secret" book being found, "secret" encounter between an individual and a spirit/angel or "secret" revelations/visions/voices and has led billions astray. Islam believes Jesus' second coming will be a secret and only a select few will know who He is and it will be up to them to announce Him. Another attempt to deceive the masses.

God can't do anything in the open anymore as He used to. No, He's resorted to doing everything in secret to a select, special few.  That's a cult. That's deceit. That's not God.

Someone asked me once, after I converted: "How many people wrote the Koran?"

I said "One."

He then asked, "How many wrote the Bible?"

I replied "Many."

He said "Exactly."

I was dumbstruck and quite embarrassed for him. He truly believed that argument was valid and proved the Koran to be true. One witness as opposed to many? That wouldn't even stand in our own faulty courts let alone anywhere else. This is eternity we're talking about. This is no light matter. Should people believe one man who came out of a cave with "secret" revelations over a short period of time or 40 men over 1500 years who were not the only witnesses? Let's not forget the millions who witnessed God on the mountain with Moses and heard His voice (Exodus 19:16) or were led by the fiery cloud through the Red Sea. If one witnesses something, you take it with a grain of salt. If many, you believe what you're hearing to be true and accurate. Muhammad would, very well, be diagnosed as schizophrenic nowadays. Jesus cast demons out of people that exhibited the exact same symptoms as Muhammad.

Keep praying for the spread of the Gospel. God is doing a great work in Muslim nations.

Sociopathic Religion Convicts...

 But the Koran says there is no compulsion in religion...
"Nadarkhani was arrested in October 2009 and was tried and found guilty of apostasy by a lower court in Gilan, a province in Rasht. He was then given verbal notification of an impending death-by-hanging sentence."
"The court then gave Nadarkhani the opportunity to recant, as the law requires a man to be given three chances to recant his beliefs and return to Islam."
 "His first option was to convert back to Islam. When he refused, he was asked to declare Muhammad a prophet, and still he declined."

Pray for this Pastor and his family. His fate is ultimately up to God not a "prophet" (and I use that term loosely), government or religion. Whatever God so chooses will be meant for His glory and to bring about the salvation of many. Nadarkhani is standing strong because God keeps him standing. What Iran doesn't realize is Nadarkhani's already won because he loves not his life even to death for the sake of Christ (Revelations 12:11) and will lay it down for the Gospel. This act alone, whether he lives or dies, will bring about the spreading of the Gospel in Iran and beyond to a greater extent. It has always been this way and will continue to be. What this Pastor is doing now is an enormous part of what has always spread Christianity like wild fire. God bless him. The Lord will keep him strong for He is able to.

Festering Wounds

"My guilt has overwhelmed me
   like a burden too heavy to bear.

My wounds fester and are loathsome
   because of my sinful folly." Psalm 38:5-8

There is no pain like that of losing someone you love. Everyone will go through it at one time or another. The loss alone is devastating, but then sets in regret, shame and guilt for a million reasons. These debilitating emotions, combined with grief, can be disastrous for anyone. There's always something, or many things, we deeply regret. There's always guilt to follow and when we realize we can't go back and right those wrongs it can have crippling consequences.

God never promised us an easy life. He never promised fields of flowers with white fluffy clouds and rainbows while we remain on this earth. In fact, more than puppies and cotton candy, we will be racked with festering wounds that seem unending.

"Yet man is born to trouble as surely as sparks fly upward." Job 5:7

As sinful beings, we will never escape regret and guilt. The more we grow in holiness, the more we will become aware of and hate our own unrighteousness and feel the pangs of that guilt. God allows this to discipline and teach us, but He doesn't want us wallowing either. Marinating in them is destructive. Wallowing to punish ourselves is counter productive. We can't go back in time to make amends, but we can grow from regret and guilt.

My husband always says, "It's not how you start, but how you finish." Life is full of anguish, regrets, heartache, guilt and trouble. We can never escape or avoid them, but we have a great God who is full of mercy and compassion.

"for whenever our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and he knows everything." 1 John 3:20

The first step to ending this vicious prison is to repent. We may not be able to go back and correct our wrongs, but God can and does use them for our good and the good of others. Repentance and acknowledging our guilt will bring the peace and cleansing we so desperately need for healing.

"I acknowledged my sin to you, and I did not cover my iniquity; I said, 'I will confess my transgressions to the Lord,' and you forgave the iniquity of my sin." Psalm 32:5

In one aspect, guilt drives us to repentance and seeking forgiveness, but having forgiveness doesn't remove the pangs of guilt. As Believers, all our sins are covered, but that covering doesn't blot them from our memory. In the instance of  terrible guilt following the death of a loved one, we will not only beat ourselves up savagely, but we have a powerful adversary who loves to accuse us and drive in the knives. 

Once we've repented then we must simply take God at His Word. He promised to forgive and restore and we must trust in that. If repentance in the salve then renewing our minds with the Word is the bandage. Repentance will cleanse us and renewing our minds will change us. 

"This is my comfort and consolation in my affliction: that Your Word has revived me and given me life." Psalm 119:50

When we feel guilt creeping up on us, we must make the decision to stop it in its tracks. Instead of letting it drag us back into the mire, we must move forward remembering we are new creatures and the old has past away (2 Corinthians 5:17). God expects us to move on and if we are to be productive for Him then we must pick up and keep going. Guilt, shame and regret can be great teachers, humbling us and making us holier. The greatest gift we can give to those we've lost, for whom suffer guilt and regret for, is to learn from it, grow from it and let it bring us closer to the image of Christ.

Recommended reading: Psalm 32, Psalm 38, Psalm 51,

Disclaimer: I do not condone the teaching of men by women nor am I trying to exercise authority over men by using this blog as a method of teaching men. All posts are for the edification of women. For more on what I believe concerning this issue please see: Women - No Dominion Over Men
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