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Afshin Javid Debunked

Updated to reflect accuracy.

"Do not be eager, my brethren, for many among you to become teachers; for you know that we teachers shall undergo severer judgement." James 3:1

Initial post: Afshin Javid A Fraud?

After going over facts given me concerning the authenticity of self proclaimed former Hezbollah soldier, Afshin Javid, I decided to do a follow up post on our fraudulent friend.

I learned from a source once close to Afshin, who also wrote his testimonial book, As Easy As Drinking Water, A Muslim Forgiven, that upon review of the allegations, Afshin Javid's testimonial documentary was removed from the the website "A Muslim Journey To Hope." If you're not familiar with the site, it features the testimonies of former Muslims and their conversions to Christ. This is where I first saw Afshin's testimony as many of you probably have as well.

To read more from a first hand source, check out these two links:
Public Letter...

Description of Vancouver Christian Fellowship where Afshin is a Pastor...

Furthermore, the Truth Unlocked organization also featured Afshin's testimony in their DVD, only to have to go back and completely edit out several segments, discard their entire project stock and remake the DVDs.

Afshin's Pastoral credentials came from the Christian Ministers Association. This organization gives oversight to non-denominational churches. In a weak attempt to discipline Afshin when the scandal broke, the association requested Afshin remove his website and discontinue the sale of his book. When Afshin refused, they revoked his Pastoral credentials, but it's been reported, though not confirmed, that he's been reinstated as a Pastor at Vancouver Christian Fellowship Church.

Afshin is not only suspected and accused of inappropriate sexual behavior among his congregation, but also among his own children. Child and Family Services in Canada has been involved.

Despite the disgrace, blacklisting and more than 400 letters being sent around Canada to various congregations and Pastors warning them against Afshin, he continues to be invited and speak at various events all over the world. If adequately informed, the leaders of these congregations and those in charge of the venues will be held accountable for putting the Lord's flock in danger by inviting a wolf into the fold. This man is dangerous....a wolf in sheep's clothing. He has used a testimony to slip in among sheep to feed his own depraved appetite. As long as there are those willing to invite him in, he will not stop devouring the sheep for his own good and selfish pleasure.

God doesn't deal too kindly with those who prey on the weak. Afshin only needs to read the harsh and terrible example of the Amalekites.

For further reading: The Truth About Afshin


Avenue North said...

I never heard a this dude. I'm gonna dshare on facebook thnx-

Ariel said...

Feel free Ave and thank you! People need to be warned.

Anonymous said...

He has appeared on every major evangelical television talk-show program except the 700 Club...but only because so many people called to warn them.

Ariel said...

Hopefully, he won't appear on anymore or anywhere else

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