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Creflo Dollar Arrested For Choking Daughter

Fox News Story

The mega church leader punched and choked his 15 year old daughter. Not this honest preacher who sucks his congregation dry to pay for his lavish lifestyle and private jet. Say it ain't so! Creflo would never lie!


Police were called to his home about 1 a.m. Friday where he was arrested for punching, choking and hitting his 15 year old daughter with his shoe. His 19 year old daughter also told police her sister was slapped and choked by their father.

Of course he denies it! If he tells the truth he'll lose money. Creflo Dollar has been on the Government's radar for a while. They're just itching to bust him with fraud. It will all end well. The charges will be dropped or significantly reduced because the entire family's lifestyle depends on it. Dollar can't lose that jet. Drive to his next $100,000 speaking engagement to scratch itching ears? Are you insane! That's beneath him....


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