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Is Kay Arthur More Biblically Sound?

With the truth about Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer's problematic and incorrect handling of Scripture, associations with new agers and mysticists, in a sense, going viral, women are now wondering about Kay Arthur. I did the "Deeper Still" study that was taught by Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur, but until that study I hadn't heard of Kay Arthur. To be honest, I haven't done anymore of her studies or even looked closely at her....yet.

Recently I was asked my opinion about Kay Arthur by someone that said of the three women, Kay Arthur is the most sound. The person who asked me was also a fan of Beth Moore up until recently. Then she began hearing the rumblings and started looking into it much more closely. She and many others have now left the studies they attended altogether. I understand her concern because I felt it too when the truth began coming out. Women teachers are invaluable to us females...if we had some that taught the truth. I'm sure there are some out there, but because they're not stroking our egos, advocating self esteem and other worldly philosophies or telling us what our itching ears want to hear, they're virtually unknown.

But I can give a correct estimation based on one thing about Kay Arthur even though I haven't looked deeper into her. It doesn't matter how "sound" she is in her teachings. If she's sharing the stage with teachers like Beth Moore, Priscilla Shier and others whose teachings are false then she's in agreement with them. Since Kay Arthur was also involved in the "Be Still" DVD then she must agree with it.

"Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?" Amos 3:3

I was speaking with a Pastor recently who admitted he wasn't thrilled with Rick Warren though his church sometimes used Warren's material, but explained that if he could only choose between someone like Rick Warren and Benny Hinn, he'd definitely go with Rick Warren. My response was "If I have to choose between those two to get the Word I'll take neither."

It's essentially choosing the lesser of two evils and we're never to settle. We live in great apostasy and no matter how much we may like a certain individual, if they're not following Scripture  in doctrine or lifestyle we're to have nothing to do with them. Kay Arthur, if she truly is sound, has thrown her support behind known problematic teachers and practices the Bible calls "evil" thus giving them legitimacy. It's as dangerous and damaging as teaching false doctrine itself.

Unless Kay Arthur comes out, repents and separates herself from all such teachings and teachers she must be avoided as well. That's not my opinion, that's Biblical.


Sara said...

In my opinion, Kay Arthur may be more dangerous than the other two combined. She is not only widely respected as a teacher and author, she is revered and nearly untouchable. I personally feel the urge to vomit and/or to scream when I think about what she did with scripture in her covenant precept study. But I'm still a bit too stunned to do either--for now. She took the covenant between Jonathan and David in 1st Samuel and added her own assumptions to the terms and meanings of the covenant. If that were not enough, she then dipped her brush in that muck and swiped it straight across the entire study. And no one else noticed?! That's what I don't get. Here's the jist of what happened--
She added that Jonathan in turn put on David's humble robe because that is the way a covenant works(or some other mumbo-jumbo). And then she proceeded to use that made up "symbol" of biblical covenant to bind Jonathan into protecting David-even to the point of betraying his father. Oh, but she wasn't finished there! She went on to create a picture of God in our robe as Jesus. And placed him as bound to provide for and protect us--based upon these symbols found in the Jonathan/David covenant--because he is in covenant with us. What?! Are people really swallowing this as truth??! Grrr. I'm a bit ruffled about this, can you tell? This all happened few weeks into this study, and from what I can tell from the materials was never retracted. I (coincidentally?) hit my head just after I started a
questioning this and suffered a concussion so severe that I could not study, drive, or articulate myself clearly. I realized tonight that my symptoms cleared just about the time the study ended..My concussion symptoms are gone, but this pit in my stomach about this study is growing.

Ariel said...

Hi Sara
You're right and I'm glad you pointed it out! That would and does make her more dangerous. I've heard several women complain about her in the past few months that they don't like her studies because they're hard to follow. I remember during the "Deeper Still" Arthur saying we needed to mark everything with little symbols blah blah blah and I was like "forget this". It was too confusing and unnecessary. I guess that can be a blessing!

I didn't know about the study you mentioned. The way you describe her reminds me of Marilyn Hickey and all her symbolism and binding God as some sort of slave to us. They really do all sound alike and borrow from each other.

Kay Arthur's visited this blog or at least someone from her ministry has so I'm guessing she's aware of what's being written on her, Beth Moore, Sheri Shepherd and others. It's going to take more people calling her out and I hope more and more do.

Wow I'm really sorry you were hurt and glad you're doing better. All things work together for the good and it kept you from ingesting more garbage. I'm glad you had the discernment right away to pick up on what you were being taught. I know that feeling in the pit of your stomach that's why I started writing about them. I have no patience or tolerance for false doctrine. It makes you sick, makes you (righteously) angry and gnaws at you partly because they bring God down to our level and turn Him into Santa Claus and it's so insulting to Him and to what Christ did therefore to us and the damage they're doing to others is so devastating. God bless you and keep fighting the good fight. That feeling you have is right on. If it makes us feel that way can you imagine how God must feel about it? Geesh. Thanks for commenting. I truly appreciate your thoughts.

Ariel said...

I'm responding to "Adam" who left 2 nasty comments that I'm not going to publish due to their vulgarity. He says I have way too much time on my hands. I'm a housewife with 2 babies and a student. I need more time! Thank you for your concern though. Secondly. What gives me the right to call Kay Arthur out and label her a false teacher? The Bible and what kay Arthur herself teaches that runs contrary to the Bible. If you'd knock the dust of yours and read it, you'll see it as well. We ARE to JUDGE those inside the church, but NOT those outside. "Judging" by your comments you are on the outside so I'll leave you to God. As for Kay Arthur, she not only professes Christ, but is a teacher in the church. Therefore, I can and will continue to call her out in hopes it will lead to her repentance. Is that legalistic? Absolutely not. That's Biblical. Instead of using profanity in defense of a so called Bible teacher, give me Scriptural basis why I am wrong. I'll wait for you to Google.

Sharbel said...

I am hoping Adam has more respect and self control beyond the safe zone of a computer. If he speaks such to another man's wife in the same manner he will have his nose smashed in short order. There is no surprise one of your caliber defends a false teacher. You lost credibility the instant you chose to represent your intelligence with filth.

Anonymous said...

Ok..Those who cast the 1st stones & maybe even ??? whitewashed tombs. God knows your hearts. Only he knows... if he would write in the sand before you.I sure don't feel any humility in your writings. I have been a christian for over 20 years now. I admittedly do not know every jot & tittle ( spelling?) to solidly argue/debate these scriptures....BUT this I do know is in "our" the church as a whole.. judging soo tightly scripture and story lines.. We may inadvertedly attack sincere servants of God as well as their intentions. You speak as though they are leading sheep to the slaughter. The work of these ministries has brought MUCH healing to many a wounded...AND drawn them to the cross. If I was a Non believer and read your article ...I would say the heck with that whole mess of Christians arguing. FRUITLESS. WOW... I am one who humbly cleaves to Christ and am greatful... for every drop of mercy I felt in the wisdom of Beth Moores & Kay Arthurs teachings.. Despite the liberty of the speculating what "robes" meant.. WHO CARES. ALL I know is it drew me to Gods love. God knew "why" Moses sruck the rock...and God took care of him. STOP pointing fingers at jot and tittles and POINTLESS arguements..and let God be God. Without love even with each other..the whole point is lost. God help us all we have all strayed sooo far.

Ariel said...

It's funny that you accuse me of the exact same thing, you yourself, are doing to me. Of course you accuse me of being legalistic because I study Scripture and divide it carefully. That's the first thing from the mouths of those who spend more time following the teachings of people rather than the Bible. How do we come to know God and His love except by Scripture? I know most of these followers don't read Scripture simply because they're still following these heretics. "Fruit" is a sneaky thing. It pops out when we least want it to.

These same followers love what they're hearing because it turns the focus of everything on themselves, rather than God, which all of us love, so they can no longer put up with sound doctrine (the truth of Scripture) and actively seek them out and surround themselves with those who will tell them what their itching ears want to hear.

We certainly can't know what someone is thinking and feeling, but the fruit and what they teach (comes out of their mouths) is a pretty good indicator and one encouraged by Scripture to be gauged by.

Of course you would say I am basically judging too harshly. Of course you would add they've helped millions and I am doing a terrible thing by insisting believers read their Bibles and test the spirits. If Paul didn't mind the Boreans cross checking everything he taught and picking it apart to make sure he was truly a teacher from God and not a Gnostic, if Scripture called the Boreans noble for doing so, why are your feathers ruffled when I am simply giving Scripture?

Of course you would imply examining Scripture is pointless and a divider. It's really an attempt to shut opposition up. I go by Scripture, not by feelings, not by intellect, not by whims, new doctrines, awesome teachers...only Scripture. I can only pray you and others will burn your workbooks and DVDs and study Scripture as we're supposed to.

Anonymous said...

Beth Moore takes so many scriptures out of context and puts her own thoughts in them. I would like to encourage you however, and anyone else on here to listen to Kay Arthur and read some of her materials. I am not sure why she is sharing the stage with Beth Moore. Arthur's ministry is called Precept Ministries, she teaches inductive study of the Bible: Line by line, precept upon precept, context, observation, interpretation. She does not even have a commentary Bible, but an inductive study Bible, so you can find the truth for yourself and not be deceived and rely on man's interpretation. Instead of taking one scripture and talking for an hour about it trying to make us feel good, she gets right into the Word.

It is kind of ironic really, Kay Arthur teaches how to properly study the Bible so you wont be deceived, yet so many women are deceived by Beth Moore.

Ty said...

I ran across your blog today and this post and I am delighted. Far too many people misquote and often misapply Scriptures where this very subject is concerned. We are to sound the alarm and warn others of problematic teachings in the Body of Christ. I do not believe that any of us would sit back and allow our friends to drink poison when we are aware that there is poison in their water. Then why would we keep quiet where the Holy Bible is concerned? There are many "teachers" who are poison to the true Church because they teach heresies.

I have a great respect for you dear sister. May I encourage you. Please keep sounding the alarm. There may be one who will read a post or a blog entry that you write and turn from following these problematic teachers and heretics. If there is but one, then it was all worth it in the end.

Ariel said...

Thank you much! Your comment is deeply appreciated! Keep fighting the good fight and God bless you sis!

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