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Texas Dad Kills Child Molester

Houston Chronicle Story

A Texas father caught a 47 year old man molesting his 4 year old daughter behind a barn. After hearing his daughter scream, the dad ran to her aid, found the molester on top of his daughter, pulled him off then beat him to death. No charges have been filed yet against the father and I'll be shocked if any are.

According to Texas penal Code 9:32 (B), this dad had every right to kill the molester. Even if this penal code didn't exist, Texas would be hard pressed to find a judge and jury to convict this guy.

These days with extreme selfishness rampant, where molestation is one of the most least reported crimes, when caregivers commonly protect the molester rather than the victim for selfish reasons and it's swept under the rug, it's shocking to society to hear about someone immediately protecting their child. That's what I find sad about this story.


What do you think? Convict the father or dismiss the case?


Anonymous said...

justice served!!! wtg dad!!!

Ariel said...

I agree.

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