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The Christian And Prozac

The Gospel According To Prozac

Whatever the case may be that a Christian considers taking Prozac, careful thought and a whole lot of prayer need to go into the decision. Though Prozac is wildly successful at treating many mood problems, we  also have to be careful of the "quick fix syndrome" in our society.

It would also be wise to study how others have dealt with severe depression without the aid of a drug, such as Charles Spurgeon and the Prophet Elijah. Suffering is a part of our Christian walk and God uses suffering to teach, mold us and create us into the image of Christ.

Whatever the case may be if you are taking this drug to treat depression, OCD, anxiety, etc., the goal should not be to block the problems we have with Prozac so we can live "happy" and indifferent to the real underlying problems, but to learn how to deal with the underlying problems aided by Prozac so we can eventually handle them without the need of a mood altering drug.

Stress, depression and anxiety all use up serotonin in great quantities that Prozac balances. More importantly than taking medication to alleviate the low levels, one must consider why they are depressed, stressed and anxious to begin with. More often than not, there are many other ways of calming and restoring healthy levels of serotonin. There may just be a gaping, festering wound caused by sin in our lives that we use Prozac to cover up like a band-aid.

Before taking this drug, please consult the Lord and His word first and foremost. Then speak with your Pastor. While it's nice to have a quick fix, in the long run we only do more damage to ourselves.

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