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Love Them Or Damn Them

Love in Scripture is entirely different from what we may have been taught in church, by families, friends or even popular teachers. God doesn't love as we humans do. His love is very different and has been displayed in His Son (1 John 4:10; John 3:16-18).

Human love is filtered, twisted, distorted and maligned by our own sin nature and sinful worldly philosophy under the discretion and jurisdiction of Satan. The carnal mind we are all born with is completely hostile to a Holy God (Romans 8:7).

Agape love in Scripture is rarely even taught in Western Christianity. We like to use the word Agape and name places of business after it, but would it be so readily used if the meaning Scripture applies to it was taught?

Instead, we're taught pagan worldly love that is Eros. Pagan love that winks at sin and the world, is accepting of sin, loves sin, clings to it, compromises and is fearful. In the name of Eros, that we wrongly apply to God's love, we find it more important to co-exist with sin for the sake of a utopia promoted by Satan himself to further malign Christ, His purpose and finished work.

We throw around phrases that aren't even in Scripture, such as "Love the sinner, hate the sin." That quote came from Ghandi, not Scripture.

Agape love is strong and bold. It screams to sinners, warning them to repent, flee from their sin and believe, thus fleeing the wrath of God. Agape love points to Christ, His love and His sacrifice that saves from God's wrath. Eros is self serving and delights in wickedness. Agape and Eros cannot co-exist. They are on different ends of the spectrum, different playing fields and mean two very different things.

Truth and Agape love cannot be separated. We cannot come to know or understand God's Love until we ourselves have been exposed to Truth, have fled from sin and the wrath of God into Christ, our city of refuge. When we mistake worldly Eros love for Agape love, we're not showing Christ to the world. We're damning sinners to hell for the sake of sinful, compromising, worldly love so as not to offend or rock the boat. Agape love is obedient to Christ and warns the sinner. Eros damns them to hell.


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