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The Rapture - Two Separate Comings Of Christ?

With "The Rapture" and Biblical Prophecy pushed into the headlines because of Harold Camping's faulty division of Scripture, I've linked to two concise articles on the "The Rapture" and different views of it in the Church.

"The Rapture" by Ralf Woodrow

"The Rapture" by Everett I. Carver

I, personally, do not believe in a pre-tribulation Rapture. I've studied it carefully and picked Scripture apart, but  have yet to find any basis for it in the Bible. After studying I've come to accept a Postmillennialist view.

Because an individual's belief of the Rapture doesn't affect foundational doctrine, it shouldn't affect the unity among Christians. So whether you're a pre-tribber, post-tribber, Postmillennialist or Amillennialist doesn't disqualify anyone nor should it be cause for division or questioning of another's faith. In any case we're all to be looking ahead to the Second Coming and always ready for it.


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