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Letter To Our Soldiers

All in rows are small white rectangular headstones engraved with the names of men who died in service to our country from the present all the way back to WWl. For Memorial Day morning at this Detroit cemetery, a group of veterans will play the bagpipes, as they do every year, marching the curving and twisting lanes until they reach the soldiers graves. A Priest will follow to bless the graves and pray over them. F16s will do a flyover in remembrance and small American flags will be placed at each headstone honoring the fallen soldiers for their service. And I'll be there to take part at a distance in the solemn memorial and once the others have left I'll place my own small flags on graves as well.

As we approach Memorial Day I began thinking about the baby I'm carrying... a little boy and wondered if one day, when he grows up, if he'll want to take the path of a soldier. I wondered how I would feel if my own son left home to serve. Even as I imagined being sick with worry, counting the days until he came home, hoping and praying he makes it home, I already knew I would be so proud of him. It's a nobel calling, indeed, to literally give of one's life willingly to protect this nation. It takes a special kind of person. Our soldiers, many of them 18 years old, choose to offer their lives, sacrifice going to college, partying, hanging out with friends, getting jobs and having fun to fight for and protect us. How selfless are they? At 18 years old they know they may never make it home alive, but they volunteer and go anyway.

I have a friend who joined the Marines straight out of high school and served a tour in Afghanistan. This goofy guy I've known for years, hung out with, fought with, went to school with and got in trouble with suddenly became my hero. You all are. I can't think of anyone I admire more than a soldier. When I see one on occasion I have to stop and look at them in awe because even though I don't know them I'm so proud of them.

To all my heroes serving or whom have served, thank you for your service, thank you for your lives and sacrifice. You are loved and remembered no matter where you are or what time of year it is. It's because of you we, as a nation, are who we are and have all that we have. It's because of you our military is the finest in the world. I'm always praying for you and hoping that every single one of you return to your families safe. God bless...


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