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John Piper Interview Of Rick Warren Does A Houdini

An excellent article at Apprising Ministries. Just follow the link....

UPDATE: Rick Warren Interview Is Baaaack

As typical of false teachers, Rick Warren doesn't seem to like his interviews and teachings gone over by watchdogs even when he's being assisted in all of his back peddling glory by the likes of John Piper. You would think Warren would welcome this kind of "investigation" since he's spending so much time trying to convince Christians he's an Ok guy with semi-good doctrine. Alas, Rick Warren must think he's above Biblical standards when it comes to being tested. If the Bible praised the Bereans and called them "Nobel" (Acts 17:11) for studying Scripture to cross check what Paul was teaching, why would Rick Warren have issue with it if he's a genuine, sound teacher? Surly he doesn't think he's above Paul. It sure looks that way.

John Piper, so far, seems eager to go down with that sinking ship. Why take the time to do such an indepth interview only to remove it from Saddleback and Desiring God? It certainly appears both are unsure of what they're doing and not even convinced themselves. This puts them both, especially Piper, in a very precarious and dangerous situation. I can only judge by what I see and read, and in that is definite fruit to examine, but it appears Piper knows exactly what he has on his hands and is willing to stand with Warren's false doctrine. By their fruit we will know them and Piper's fruit is looking more and more like long rotten....


terriergal said...

Someone has to have captured the video and/or audio. I would suggest whoever has it to upload it to a bit torrent server. This is ridiculous this shell game these guys keep playing. Do they think we're stupid?

Yeah I know i can read the transcript which is still available, but I would like to work on other things while listening instead.

Ariel said...

Thanks for the comment terriergal and that's a good point about a bit torrent server. Hopefully someone can produce it because I'd sure like to listen. Unfortunately, they must think we're stupid. I can't think of any other reason for the games.

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