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Warren Interview Is Baaaaack!

Thanks to Purpose Drivel, I was able to watch the interview that John Piper's Desiring God has put back up and can be found here...Rick Warren Interview

In a nutshell, the interview is really just trying to convince true believers Warren's a good guy and we can trust his teachings. Anyone who actually reads their Bibles knows they can't no matter how many interviews Piper does. The fact that John Piper felt the need to even do this 98 minute interview is a red flag. Is Warren a debutante Piper has to introduce to society? Warren's not a new kid on the block. He's been around a long time and his church is large. Warren already has a large following of professing "Christians" so why are they concerned with Warren's perception? If Warren was genuine they wouldn't have to do so much back peddling. If Warren was genuine then he'd be repenting of the garbage he's been spewing for years and starting fresh NOT back peddling and still clinging to his original stance.

His doctrine, that Warren's stood on for years, is a mess and they both know it. This entire business they're both about is making me nervous. They're after those who know Scripture because those are the ones who throw big monkey wrenches into their little network. They've both taken a serious hit from true Christians and they're hoping they can fix it. Good luck with that Piper! In the long as Piper continues to stand with heretic Warren and doesn't repent, my back will continue to be turned.


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