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Campus Crusade For Christ Drops "Christ"

I was involved with this ministry and dropped out because I found them becoming more and more worldly and less and less Biblical. Their latest attempt "to reach the lost" actually doesn't surprise me. They've been on this road for some time. The excuse they offered for dropping "Christ" from their well known ministry name is weak at best.

This is an example of compromising with the world under the guise to reach the lost. Did Christ ever compromise to seek anyone? Did He ever try to please the world in order to bring in sheep? Not once did He ever. Instead of sticking to foundational doctrine and trusting Christ to bring the sheep in, as Scripture assures He'll do, they throw off that millstone "Christ" that offends so many and hinders their work in order to reach those same people for that millstone. A great example of American Christianity.

They've now openly chosen to amuse the goats all the while claiming it's for Christ. I can only hope this ministry repents. In the mean time they've lost all future support of my household until they do and get back to Bible basics and the Christianity of the Bible.

A good article about CCC's name change..Westminster Seminar


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