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5 Months

My husband and I are coming up on a five month anniversary since getting married. It's been fun, educational, tough, wild, tense and it's been kinda weird. You just never really know what you're getting into. You go into marriage with all these ideas from your own experiences growing up and from society but you're never really prepared. Everyone has their own way of doing things, routines, schedules, quirks and when those things of someone else is thrown into your mix there can be confusion sometimes...and arguing.

Marriage really does make 1 out of 2 and you learn things about the other you never could learn any other way but you also learn a lot about yourself. I've learned that difficulties in us or a situation are not necessarily bad but growing and learning opportunities that strengthens our bond and compliments the other. I'm also learning just how important it is to do right by the other even when they're wrong. We have a lot to learn still and we'll change every day but it's also makes things interesting.

We have a couple of rules...
1. Never go to bed angry
2. Never leave the other without a hug, kiss and saying "I love you".

There's been a few occasions following these rules was a little hard, but it always brings resolution. All relationships are work, but marriage is especially as I'm learning. He's been my rock, best friend, safety net and comforter even when I didn't think I needed these things. He always makes me feel like I'm the most beautiful creature in the world even in all my faults. I feel safe with him and for someone like me that's a huge deal.

Now a minute after getting married with a life we made on the way, I'm more in love with Sharb now then I was before. In 10, 20, 40 years I hope that he'll still want to snuggle next to me to talk about anything and laugh about everything. I hope he'll still call me his "little lamb". I hope he's still happy to see me every day when he comes home. I hope I can still make him laugh. I hope he'll still want to reach for me and that I'll still be the focus of his desire. I hope when I run and jump on him in 40 years he's still able to catch me and not fall over and break bones lol. I hope he'll still see me as his best friend. As imperfect, flawed human beings this may not be exactly realistic in this world but with God in this marriage...our trust, hope and strength for this life together is dependent on Him. With Him nothing fails.

Love you Sharb


Sharbel said...


Khyeli khoshgel hasti eshqe man. Dusat daram.

Ariel said...


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