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Is Taiwan Still Here?

Prophet Predicts Taiwan Diasters

A Taiwanese prophet predicted that a 14 magnitude earthquake would hit Taiwan today which would trigger a massive Tsunami of 560 foot waves that would slam the tiny country.....5 days later. Man that is a slow moving tsunami! But I guess it doesn't matter since a 14 richter scale earthquake would kill everything that breathes in Taiwan anyway so the tsunami just becomes a moot point. What's left of Taiwan would end up next to San Francisco at that rate.

This prophet then advised his followers to stock up on supplies and hide inside shipping containers. He claims the containers would be much safer during the ginormous earthquake.

Really? Why not just go sit in a car parked outside a high rise? At a size 14, they can huddle in a massive field and not survive. I suppose this "prophet" owning a container company had absolutely nothing to do with his suggestion. Nah!

And what about the tsunami 5 days later? Won't they need some kind of floatation device that can ride the 560ft waves over the remaining half of Taiwan, China, Russia and western Europe? Shipping containers float about as well as cement shoes. At least offer some arm floaties man or some of those blow up rings with ducky heads.

Aside from all this...whose actually following this guy? Whose buying into this?  Now that scares me more than an apocalyptic earthquake and tsunami.


Anonymous said...

Halfsquat your a cool chick.


Ariel said...

Hey Baz! lol half squat...tnx. How've you been? Haven't seen or heard from you in a while

Anonymous said...

Can't complain. I'll come by and check out the new crib. I saw your other half at the gym yesterday. Heard you got a tax deduction on the way.

Ariel said...

ha! almost 17 weeks now. Yes come and let Sharb know when and I'll make dinner. Bring Maria :)

Anonymous said...

Will do.

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