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I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane....

Not exactly. More like a bright red Jeep Wrangler. We're leaving tomorrow morning for a long weekend near Charlevoix. My husband got us a cabin in the woods for some "alone time" from a friend of my father-in-law mostly used for hunting. Sweet, sweet. Since the weekend we got married we haven't had a whole lot with school and work. I'm so excited and even looking forward to the long drive with my honey. The farther north you go the prettier it gets. Lake Michigan is close, there should be wildlife (deer, bear, coyotes, maybe a cougar or two). I'm from the city...a chipmunk is a wildlife attraction for me. I was feeding baby raccoons one summer and thought I was a mountain man.

It's sure to be a lot colder up there than down here but's got a big claw foot bath tub, real fire place and in the woods. I've already set aside a bunch of blankets to take for a "poofy spot" in front of the fire place. There's a bed of course but unless I can drag it to the fire it'll be poofy spot all the way. Poofy spots are romantic too.

Have a great Spring weekend everyone! I know I will.
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