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Jennifer Petkov Is At It Again!

Jennifer Petkov Arrested

Well of course she is kiddies! Did anyone really think her apology for harassing her 7 year old dying neighbor was sincere? She's evil! She's not sorry for what she did and I'm sure she's not sorry for now trying to run another neighbor over. You can't aim and be sorry all at once!

Why is this evil woman still allowed in public? Why does she still have custody of her own kids? Why doesn't Scott take his nads from her purse and kick her out? Is he a wussed out co-dependent or WHAT?!

They're polluting all of  Downriver!

Scott do humanity a it for the animals! Take that bat crazy, demonic wife of yours with the awful blonde dye job and move to Antarctica plstnx. Let her "harass" the polar bears. I'm gonna have to give her a page all to her own soon! For previous article go here All Hell Broke Lose In Michigan

Interview with Kathleen's Grandmother and Father

The best part... Kathleen got her shopping spree in Ann Arbor. People from all over the world donated money for this...
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