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All Hell Broke Loose In Michigan!

and all over the world yesterday for "personal satisfaction" and Halloween has come early for a special couple just down the road in Trenton

Fox 2 News
Detroit News Article

Thursday it was reported, on the local Detroit news, that a couple in Trenton Michigan have been taunting their neighbor, a 7 year old little girl who is dying of Huntington's disease. The little girl's mother died of the same disease when she was only 24. Apparently the harassing has been going on for 2 years. Reportedly, Jennifer Lynn Petkov would stop in front of the little girl's house if she was outside and yell to her "I can't wait until you die!"

If that's not bad enough this fine gem of a woman went as far as to post pics on her Facebook of the little girl's dead mother in the arms of the Grim Reaper and the 7 year old herself with cross bones below her face. They even had a ratty pick up truck with tomb stones painted on it and a coffin attached to the back that they'd park in front of the victim's home to further taunt them. Or they'd pull up in it and rev the engine like 2 year olds. When asked why she did such a disgusting thing, her response was  "personal satisfaction because it rubs their asses rawl"...ya she used the word "rawl". Jennifer, there is no "L" in the word "raw". Just saying...

Video of the first news story

This feud started when the victims family had a party at their house and those deflatable jumpy things were on the lawn with the kids playing on it. Jennifer Lynn Petkov text the family about her kids coming over to join the party. When the family didn't respond fast enough, to her highness Jennifer's text, she lost it and the harassment began resulting in a neighborhood feud and personal protection orders against the Petkovs. This woman shouldn't be allowed in society. Scott Petkov, the eunuch husband, admitted that his wife's "brutal honesty" has resulted in just about everyone hating them. Instead of stapling her lips shut, he allowed her to continue.

This story spread like wildfire across the globe in part because there were so many outraged people who began posting about Jennifer Lynn Petkov everywhere. I know of at least 3 Facebook pages made. I reactivated my FB account just to watch the gathering of angry citizens with their pitchforks and torches. Jennifer Lynn Petkov has got to be the most hated woman on the planet. These Facebook gatherers weren't just calling for justice...they wanted her head. Suddenly this story was popping up on news stations all over the world and in news papers. People from everywhere were gathering on FB in support of the little girl and her family while others were helping each other put on their executioner masks. When I signed off last night there was almost 5,000 people on that FB page alone

Now the Petkovs apologized on camera for their actions...

Apology by Scott Petkov First

FAKE Apology by Jennifer Petkov

As you can see they apologized because the fallout of their actions. Their jobs were being contacted by furious people, their house was being egged, pizza delivery guys were showing up, one of their kids was sent home early from school, (yes the Petkovs have kids! Lord have mercy) they were receiving death threats, they had to disconnect their phones because their address and phone numbers was being slapped on every web page imaginable and child protective services showed up at their house!

Scott dismantled the coffin and laid it at the curb (which a guy took later and posted the pic of it on FB lol), put the truck in the back yard then slapped his wife for being an ignorant turd, shoved divorce papers down her throat and left a boot print on her back when he kicked her out into the feeding frenzy of an angry ....not really. Like the whipped girly man he is he tucked his tail between his legs and probably sat in the corner sucking his thumb trying to find a happy place

Now that everyone on the planet knows where they live I imagine they won't be living on Detroit Street much longer. What that woman did was so disgusting and someone so eloquently posted on FB "Jennifer, Satan called. You're embarrassing him". She wasn't sorry at all even when she apologized later. It wasn't sincere. She a cold, heartless sociopath who has been tormenting her neighbors and others

According to her own MySpace page she met Scott while she was married (I imagine her ex is probably counting his blessings right about now!) He walked into the room all dashing and handsome and presented her with a rose, told her how beautiful she was and in an unhappy marriage already Jennifer was wooed, comforted and saved by Prince Charming........WAIT. No that's not what happened. Scott was hammered in a bar, staggered into her, hugged her (probably to keep from falling over) and she was so captivated by his alcohol induced charm she divorced her husband and married Scott. If a dog had humped her leg she would have drug it to the altar too

Well I can report she's getting a heaping  taste of her own medicine. That couple is now known all over the world. I hope she's enjoying her fame!The scary part is not only do the Petkov's have kids who will suffer because their parents are degenerate but I don't think Jennifer will change. She's not sorry and if someone isn't sorry for their actions then there's little hope for change. They'll move and when everything dies down in...let's say 10 years or so she'll be right back at it

On a brighter note because of the disgusting behavior of Jennifer Lynn Petkov a massive outpouring of support has risen for the little girl. There will be a rally at Haas Park on October 23rd

If you would like to donate to Kathleen Edward (the little 7 year old girl dying of Huntington's disease and being harassed by Jennifer Petkov) please go to these sites...


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