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LeCrae tearing it up!

"Paul said if Christ ain't resurrected then we wasted our lives. That implies our life's built around Jesus being alive...we're created for Him. Out of the dust He raised us for Him. Elects us and He saves us for Him. Jesus comes and He raises us. So magnify the Father. Why bother with something lesser? He made us so we could bless Him and to the world we confess Him.."

Enjoy! on the stage with him is Sho Baraka (in the blue), Trip Lee (shorty in white) Grammy Nominee Flame (in black with cross necklace) and Tedashii (heavier guy in black) = 116 Clique

A few things I love about these guys are they're humble, sincere, earnest and they don't fall into the trap of wearing expensive jewelry, clothes and living extravagantly. Despite their success and high educations they still live in the ghetto and spend their lives and money ministering, helping others with whatever they need and being an example to those around them. They practice what they preach. They're the real thing...
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