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Hinn confronts Osteen?

Benny Hinn confronts Joel Osteen

Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black? For Hinn to point out Osteen's sins all the while doing the exact same things not only makes Hinn a hypocrite but he condemns himself. If he's able to recognize and point out everything Osteen is doing wrong and all his sins then Hinn has the ability to recognize them in himself thus bringing himself under judgment

Is Hinn actually seeing the light? No otherwise he would have openly repented first and he hasn't done that. So what's Hinn's problem? Osteen is stealing his thunder and frankly money. Followers of Hinn are moving onto another heretic that tells then exactly what they want to hear in a better way and taking their money with them

No one's the victim...not even the followers. They flock to these heretics....they can no longer put up with sound doctrine which doesn't line up with their own desires so they gather around them teachers like Hinn and Osteen who will tell them what their itching ears want to hear and it's not the truth. (2 Timothy 4:3) They've exchanged the truth for a lie (Romans 1:25) The followers all want what Hinn and Osteen want and Hinn and Osteen want what the followers want and it's not God. These corrupt teachers are simply God's judgment on stiff necked people

Confronting Error With Condemnation, not Conversation -by John MacArthur


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