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Afshin Javid - Former Hezbollah Soldier A Fraud?

 Afshin Javid Sexualizing

Document links sent to me outlining the deception and lascivious allegations with apologies to the Church, the world and to Afshin himself from the co-founder of Afshin's ministry via Bene Diction Blogs

Apology To The Church
Apology To Those Who Don't Know Christ
Apology To Afshin Javid

Afshin Javid has become famous for being a former Hezbollah member who converted to Christianity from Islam while in prison. If you're not familiar with his testimony you can watch it HERE.

I was contacted several months ago concerning Afshin about serious problems and allegations being leveled at him from co-founders of his Ministry I Am Thirsty, the ghost writer of his debut book "As Easy As Drinking Water", ministers and church leaders In Canada.

I, too, was enthralled with his testimony as millions have been. When we don't "test the spirits" (1 John 4:1) and just believe everything someone says, we can find ourselves in serious trouble, being stumbling blocks to others and leading many more into the mire as well.

Afshin has been accused of sexual and financial misconduct, severely twisting Scripture and lying about his testimony. He has yet to even respond to any of them. This is dangerous ground for Mr. Javid. If these accusations by Christians are not true, then it's paramount he come forward with proof and a defense. As of now, he's done neither.

As someone being in a sensitive position of reaching millions of Muslims for Christ; as someone whose testimony has gone around the world and is looked to as a leader, ignoring accusations like these will not do him any good, those he teaches any good and brings the way of Christ into disrepute, maligning His name .If he means to lead then he must either come out against these accusations or start repenting and come clean.

Do I want to believe these allegations? No. If they're true there will be chaos, devastation all around the world and implications concerning Islam and Christianity. The truth needs to be told, however for it's only in truth are we made free. If Afshin is a false teacher and prophet then he must be exposed to prevent further damage that could cost millions eternity. When we refuse to protect the flock, we're not only in deep sin, but accomplices to evil.

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Anonymous said...

The reason that he has not denied the allegations is because he knows that they are true. Many people have come forward saying the same things but the only people who have made their own identities public are the ghost-author of his book and the cofounder of his ministry.

This is a very telling facebook thread on a public group page he created, ironically, for damage control. Have a read:

Ariel said...

Thanks for posting the link. It appears to be a closed group on facebook. So much for defending himself publicly. It's sad to say that I believe you. All evidence I've seen supports it. Anytime the truth comes out, you will always find yourself seriously outnumbered. Call out a false teacher and you'll be professing Christians! What troubles me the most is not Afshin Javid, but the followers defending him rabidly while simultaneously throwing out the Bible. This is how wolves slip in unnoticed. People don't read their Bibles and become lunch served up on a silver platter for men like this. They will have it no other way though. Teachers like Afshin are the judgment of God against a stiff neck people. What has been done to call him out has been in accordance with Scripture and what Jesus commanded for church discipline to protect the flock....His spotless Bride.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head. The victims of Afshin's sexual misconduct and those who went public have faced the lion's share of vilification. There was also extensive cowardice on the part of ministry leaders who seemed to be so invested in the public persona that they were unable to appropriately deal with the criminal aspects of his conduct by demanding he step down from public ministry. It is rumored that he has been reinstated at Vancouver Christian Fellowship, which is absurd. Meanwhile the police have become involved. it has been a total gong show. FYI...there is a public FB. group and a private one. The thread above is from the public one but many of the conversations are now deleted.

Ariel said...

So glad to know the police are involved before he creates anymore victims. Thank you so much for the updates! They're choosing to protect the image out of pride so they can prop him up as a trophy of nailing one of radical Islam's finest despite knowing it's a lie. That's a shame as God needs no help and the leadership will pay for that. There are 6 million Muslims a year turning to Christ. Afshin was no different if it had been true.

Anonymous said...

Well, the strange thing is that there is certainly some truth to his original conversion story, though we know that there have been many exaggerations. Though he has been known for fraudulent behavior for about 10 years, he probably did have some kind of conversion in the early 90's. However, in 2011 he was the leader of a cult and a sexual philanderer. I pray that the will truly come clean and live an honest life.

Ariel said...

As do I

Ariel said...

I'd like to expand on your comment a little for others who will read this and follow the links. After reading over everything that Afshin is being called out for over several years, I must say I do not believe he ever converted. Everyone sins and we all blow it and live in repentance, sensitive to our own sin, but there is no way the Holy Spirit would allow him to not only continue in his atrocious behavior, but get better at it. No one can continue to sin when they are born again. He has not only continued, but became more manipulative, conning, a better liar, gas lighter and slanderer. I read his own words when he said he was diagnosed a "Narcissist" once. And he has all the signs of one too. Like Paul Washer said "If you don't have a new relationship with sin then you don't have a new relationship with God." He can't be called a wolf in one breath then look back to a time of conversion. The Bible doesn't ever tell us or imply we are to assure ourselves of salvation or true conversion of another through a testimony, smooth speech, charisma, signs, miracles, prophecy, wisdom, healing, etc. We know them and are assured of our own salvation by the fruit of the Holy Spirit. If there's no fruit, there's no Holy Spirit and therefore, there was no conversion. Testing the spirits is not only testing what is preached by the Bible, but also the fruit of the one preaching. Satan has good doctrine too. Satan knows the Bible better than we do. If all of this is true about Afshin, then he was never one of us and has proved it over and over and over again. He's a wolf and must be expelled from the sheep. If we use Scripture to judge Afshin then it's now put him in a whole new light that he's hiding from. He's deceiving himself and all those he comes in contact with.

Anonymous said...

Well - I understand your perspective entirely. I have pondered the same puzzle as you for nearly two years - but my perspective is that of an insider.

Whether Afshin was ever a true convert to Christ Jesus or not is not something that I can determine definitely, even though I have a great deal of information on the matter. It is not a puzzle that can be solved because it is impossible to crawl inside a man's heart.

I will say this though - I think that someone can be truly converted and have the Holy Spirit and then turn away. That is, to be a true convert, and then to be a true rebel. The proof-of-concept case would be Satan himself, of course. There was a time when he was a sold-out servant and then her rebelled. As for people, Hebrews 6 seems to say that one can "taste of the heavenly gift" and then subsequently turn away.

The problem with my analysis (if you can call it a problem) is that it agitates the once-saved-always-saved crowd. Not that I belong to this crowd but most of my conservative evangelical friends do adhere to this perspective. So, when I voice my thoughts on loss of salvation, they get all agitated... primarily out of self-interest I think. No one likes to think that it is possible to be expelled from the Kingdom for rebellious behaviour.

In any case, those who knew Afshin in his early days of conversion(?) had no doubt about the veracity thereof.

I have invested far more neural ATP in solving this puzzle than was warranted. I am never going to figure it out.

In any case, the Narcissistic PD, like the Borderline PD, are sort-of endpoints of the sinful phenotype: that is, a place where the personality naturally goes when sinfulness is not forced into check by the Holy Spirit. As much as Christians are antagonistic to psychiatry, the categorization of personality disorders (sin phenotypes) is incredibly handy. It allows you to spot the most dangerous folks early-on.

Ariel said...

I agree with you about the disorders. My father is NPD. It is what happens to all men when they continue to be defiant and are given over to a reprobate mind. I know that disorder well and have not only witnessed and lived with it, but been the subject of vicious attacks through NPD. At the same time, "there, but for the grace of God, go I". I cannot judge those outside the church :)

I am a "once saved always saved" person (lol) because our salvation and keeping us has nothing to do with man, but everything to do with God. He saved us while we were depraved and keeps us. For us to be able to lose our salvation makes what Christ did also dependent on us and not sufficient. Man's free will is not what is taught today in western Christianity, which is a circus. Man's free will doesn't give us the ability to seek God or choose between doing right and wrong. I was just as surprised as anyone else when I began to study what free will actually means. Christianity is the only faith that makes man totally indebted to God and completely dependent on Him from walking the narrow road to taking our very next breath. We are unable to seek God and help keep ourselves in His grace. The Bible calls those who once followed, had the light of Scripture, tasted the goodness of the Lord then turned away, apostates. From apostate there is no coming back. In fact, people like Afshin are being given a free pass and excuses to continue in bad behavior. We will know them by their fruit. We certainly can't know what someone is thinking or feeling, but what comes out of a man consistently gives us enough to judge their fruit and take action as to remove them from the flock and have nothing to do with them, in hopes it will result in their salvation. Afhsin has a great story, but that's all it is....just a story, unless there is fruit to back it up. I hope he can still yet be saved, but salvation is of the Lord and has nothing to do with the will of man. By going public, we can only pray God will give him the ability to understand his own sinfulness, wretchedness anddepravity and God will draw Him to Christ.

Ariel said...

I'm also curious as to the testimony of his family. When and how did they convert? Have they converted? If they haven't, what is their relationship with Afshin now that he's considered apostate from Islam. Being apostate from Islam is very serious and carries the sentence of death in Muslim nations such as Iran and being severely ostracized in the West. Apostates from Islam are hated more than non-Muslims

Anonymous said...

The issue of NPD / sociopathy has bearing on the "was this man even saved" issue. I agree that we should not be judges of the heart, but for some, by their fruits we will know them. This man has demonstrated many traits of these personality disorders, which the hallmark is a lack of empathy for victims of abuse, and no personal adherence to society's "rules," lying, abuse, grandiosity, and an apparent indifference when caught and exposed.

I would say it's as difficult for anyone with a personality disorder like NPD or psychopathy to actually become converted, as that would require a surrender of self. These disorders are the opposite - self and self alone matters, and everyone is a puppet in their game of life. Rather, such people are often attracted to religion (not true faith/born again) in order to push themselves into leadership/ministry, and draw a following after themselves, and use and abuse the sheep. We are warned of these wolves in the Bible, and wolves they are.

Ariel said...

I agree :) and thank you for pointing that out!

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