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Sexual Abuse - It's Time To Speak

In our country alone, 1 in 3 girls will have been sexually abused in some way by the time they're 18. 1 in 7 boys by the time they're 18. A majority of the abusers are known by the victim. Be paranoid as parents. Most of the time the ones we thought we could trust with our kids are the very ones abusing them.

In our blame shifting society, everyone is quick to diagnose someone with having a disorder to excuse atrocious behavior with a kid. How about they're just evil? How about they knew what they were doing was wrong? Why else would they hide it? We don't hide something we think is right. Why else would they lie about it? Why else would they put the terrible burden on the child when they're the adult and know better? Because they know exactly what they're doing and they know it's W-R-O-N-G. They can stop themselves. They can prevent it. It's not an instinct like breathing. They know exactly what they're doing and many times will groom a child, sometimes for months, to abuse them. The abusers would like everyone to think it's a disorder therefore, the load of his/her responsibility is lightened. It's not an accident. They certainly don't feel bad about it otherwise they'd stop doing it.

Sexual abuse comes in many forms and all are damaging. If you are someone who was sexually abused you need to understand it was not your fault. Nothing you did was your fault. Nothing you did or could ever do provoked anything. There is absolutely nothing specifically wrong with you that you were so heinously treated. It's your abuser who is wrong. It's your abuser that is heinous. You were manipulated, guilt tripped, deceived and threatened because they're evil. No other reason.

Don't let what a monster did to you dictate the rest of your life. Don't let what that evil person did to you determine your future. Since it wasn't your fault, why are you blaming and torturing yourself for it? Stop worrying about what will happen to the abuser (no matter who he/she is), your family, your friends, their family, their friends, etc. Who is bearing the brunt of this monster? You are. Don't let him get away with it. Sexual abuse is one of the most under reported crimes in the country. Don't believe the hype that it's hard to prosecute. It's hard because no one comes forward and turns them in. On average, a sexual predator will have abused over 200 kids by the time they're caught for the first time.

If it's too late for you to tell someone about what evil was done to you, it's not too late to step in and try to stop him/her from abusing other kids. Please do something if you know. They will always offend again.


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