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Man's Free Will and God's Sovereignity

It's common for people to believe that free will means we have the ability and freedom to choose to seek God or not, the freedom to choose between right and wrong or good and evil. That's not exactly what Scripture teaches. In trying to understand free will, we must first understand and grasp what God's sovereignity means, how it impacts our very existence and the total depravity of all mankind. That understanding puts our relationship with God  in a whole new, life changing and powerful perspective.

Video teachings on the "Chosen By God" Series by R.C. Sproul on what having free will actually means.

Lecture 1: Everyone Believes This Doctrine

Lecture 2: God's Sovereignity

Lecture 3: What Is free Will?

Lecture 4: Man's Radicall Fallenness

Lecture 5: Does God Create Unbelief?

Lecture 6: The Divine Initiative


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