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Iran's Bible Burning Campaign

Newsmax Story Iran Burning Bibles

First, persecution is nothing new in Iran. Secondly, they can burn every single Bible in the middle east. It's not going to stop the spread of Christianity. They can monitor Internet usage, ban the internet and anything else they view as "western", but it won't stop it or slow it down even remotely.

Iranian officials should take a lesson from a long history of what Christian persecution does. God does the proselytizing Himself  in closed nations. Christianity has always spread exponentially with persecution. "Strike the shepherd" and the sheep grow like Gremlins that have gotten wet. It's the only faith that ever has. Iranian officials are simply fanning the flames and everything they do will have the exact opposite effect. All this says is "God is doing some serious work in Iran".

Silly leaders. Thank you for shooting the Gospel like a cannon throughout your nation.

*Remember to pray for Iranian Christians.


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