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Jennifer Petkov Is Back!

Fox News Story

That's what Sociopaths do...they keep coming back because they're messed up. I'm not talking about mental handicap or some kind of chemical imbalance, I'm talking about evil. Sociopaths are evil and are capable of anything. Satan has a new Jennifer suit, people! They have no conscience, they truly believe they are absolutely unique and special, but everything they do and say is so predictable. It makes you wonder if Sociopaths pass around a handbook on behavior. They lie, have an excuse for everything, can fully justify even their most atrocious behavior and completely expect everyone to believe their crazy alternate reality. If you don''s better you just leave town otherwise you're their next target. Anyone who doesn't fall in line is a serious threat and, like hemorrhoids, they keep coming back until they've shut you up.

Jennifer Petkov will continue with this family until she's locked up then she'll start pulling her crap in prison. Since her husband Scott is so whipped and a eunuch, she'll likely have him doing her dirty work on the outside until she gets out. Trenton is stuck with Jennifer Petkov. I'm so glad I moved from that area.


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