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Navy SEALs Get Bin Laden

You gotta love these guys. Not only are the SEALs the most highly trained soldiers in the entire US military, but they are the most elite. When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for SEALs. The Navy SEALs have already been to Mars. That's why there's no signs of life there. They're so bad they even have their own special forces elite dogs that can parachute and/or rappel at a moments notice. These dogs were used in the bin Laden raid.

According to the news, they moved in so fast, the Pakistani military base, only 100 yards away, had no idea what was going on. By the time the fight was over, the SEALs had taken Bin Laden's body, collected other "treasure troves" from the house and blew up a stalled Black Hawk helicopter before the Pakistani military could blink. The military base was still assembling and getting their jets in the air when the SEALs were already long gone and in safe airspace. Only after they were gone was the Pakistan government informed of what had just taken place.The SEALs also trained in a built to scale replica of bin Laden's house for months before the raid. They didn't know at the time who they were being trained for. It wasn't until just before the actual raid were they told who the "target" was.

The Navy SEALs weren't sent to capture Osama. I don't care what some politician says. They were sent only to kill him. They're trained killers and only show up for the big targets. These guys will take out women and children if they have to, to carry out orders. Their identity isn't completely confidential for nothing. When they were approaching bin Laden's room, he stuck his head out the door and a SEAL fired at his head and missed. 2 little girls came running from the room and one SEAL grabbed them and got them out of the way. They hit the room,  shot bin Laden's wife in the leg, who Osama pushed at them, then they killed bin Laden. One interesting fact is out all the things they needed and brought with them....they all forgot measuring tape. One 6 foot SEAL laid down next to bin Laden's body for a picture as a quick estimate as to how tall bin Laden was.

In any case here's a video on the SEALs and some fun facts from their SITE

1.Navy SEALs are trained to work in more environments and terrains than any other type of solider in the United States.  They are trained to work on Land, on the Sea, and in the Air.  In fact, those three elements are what SEALs stand for.

2.Navy SEAL sharpshooters have almost 100% accuracy.  They are trained to hit a target within an inch from 100 or more yards away!

3.The majority of Navy SEALs will train upwards of 52 weeks before becoming an official Navy SEAL!  This makes the Navy SEALs the most trained soldiers in the United States military.

4.There are no female Navy SEALs and has never been a single female Navy SEAL in the history of the Navy SEALs.

5.As of 2009 there have been less than 11,000 individuals who have gained the title of Navy SEAL!  These numbers make the Navy SEALs even more elite!

6.Pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura was a Navy SEAL!


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