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Females Are Beautiful

I woke my husband up early this morning by grabbing his hand and holding it to my belly. "The baby's moving. I can feel it." I said. We both laid there literally holding our breath waiting to feel it again, but didn't. It wasn't like a kick but a strange shifting. The first time it got my attention but I wasn't sure. The second time was unmistakable and so exciting. Hearing and seeing the heartbeat is amazing, but to actually feel that life move inside you is awesome. I'm not showing that much and can still wear my normal clothes comfortably so it makes me forget sometimes that there's a "passenger" as my husband calls it, but feeling it move was a beautiful reminder.

Being pregnant makes me realize just how beautiful being a female is. I love men and appreciate all they're capable of and offer, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Sure we have to deal with so much more physically than men do especially with PMS, carrying a baby and giving birth. We're also more likely to develop chronic pain conditions but there's so many other qualities us females possess that not only attract men to us, but also strengthens the bonding for each other.

Though we are much smaller (bone and muscle wise) than men and far more delicate our bodies cultivate and carry other human beings. We are the bearers of life. Sadly our wombs, at times, may begin as the cradle, but end as the grave, but even in that there is beauty. Our bodies bring forth life, nurture it, protect it, feed it, care for it all on its own apart from mental or emotional involvement. Long before we even know we're carrying a baby, our bodies have already begun taking meticulous care of that baby.

The difference in our body structure from men is beautiful. We are fragile compared to men. Men are bulky, muscular and bigger and they have to be to fulfill the purposes for which they were made but contrast that with females and just physically our roles in humanity are apparent. We are softer, sweeter, gentler, smaller, delicate, curvier truly reflecting the emotional and mental capacity for which we serve. Have you ever watched your man and how he interacts with other males? It's interesting. They can be so rough with each other even in just how they speak, their body language, their interactions. My husband plays soccer and hockey and when I go to his games I can't even watch sometimes. I've played hockey myself, but no where near how men play with each other. They plow into each other, slam, throw, hit, trip, bull doze each other and it's painful to watch at times. They're more ruthless than professionals. Yet when they're alone with us females it's like they're handling a delicate piece of crystal and instantly they soften as well.

We have a powerful, calming presence. In a prison setting around the most dangerous kind of criminals who are combative toward the male guards, if a female is brought in, whether she's another guard, nurse, doctor whatever, they've found that most male prisoners instantly calm down and seem to be comforted and softened just by the female's presence and sound of her voice. I saw a video online recently of a married couple arrested for mutual combat domestic violence. They were separated immediately to go through the booking process. Even though they ended up there for fighting each other and obviously their relationship was disfunctional, the minute they were separated the female completely withered and the male became increasingly agitated by the minute. Once they were put in separate cells he paced back and forth like an animal knowing she was close by but couldn't see her. He couldn't stand not being able to protect her in that environment and she couldn't stand not being able to comfort him. The moment he was allowed to see her and sit next to her to eat they were like peas in a pod and you'd think the most loving couple you ever saw. He was instantly calm and she a happy little camper. Prison isn't the only place though where our presence is so effective. We have the same kind of effect inside the home and even in highly stressful situations.

We're the nurturers. We hold so much of the emotional and mental stimulation that humans need to develop and function stably. That's not to say men don't provide much because they do. Research is clear when a father is missing from a kid's life the impact is profound, but we are what kids run to when they want to be comforted and cared for emotionally. That nurturing aspect of us creates bonds with other females you don't find among males. Females can be fierce competitors with each other, but we also share a common empathy, intuition and emotional bond with each other that lasts a lifetime. As much as we need men, we also need other females. We pick each other up, we comfort each other, encourage one another and strengthen each other like nothing else can.

We are the caregivers. We are the ones humans depend on to care for them from the moment of conception. We wash, dress, feed, protect, comfort and teach little people. Our influence stretches generation after generation. The bond between a mother and her offspring is not just emotional and mental but also spiritual. Women's intuition is a powerful thing that I'm becoming more and more familiar with in myself. When I use to have those moments it came off as just weird. Now I understand it's a part of being female. We can feel things pertaining to those we are connected to even if we don't know what's happening. We know things before they happen. We know things even as they happen despite distance between us and those we love.

We are fierce protectors of our offspring. Animals operate on pure instinct and look at how fiercely they protect their babies. Mess with our offspring and an emotional, mental and physical whirlwind has just been unleashed. Men are no where near as vicious as females can be even in the animal kingdom. I recently saw a mother grizzly bear go after and take on a male grizzly who was 3 times her size simply because he got too close to her cubs. It was sheer suicide for her and he could have easily killed her, but she stood her ground and eventually the male left her alone.

Our role in humanity is significant and males instinctively react like a mama grizzly to protect a female. No matter how influenced by feminism our society may be, men still respond to females as a fierce protector themselves. At one time I was considering going into the military and I asked a Marine recruiter about the chances of me being put in combat. He smiled and explained I'd never be put in combat on purpose, but could possibly find myself in a combat situation depending on the type of job I went into. In that case I'd be dressed like a man and anything feminine about me would be hidden while out in the open. The reason was entire operation can be blown and lives lost when a female gets hurt or killed on a battlefield. The enemy targets females simply because they know the men will act on instinct and run to the female to protect her not to mention the emotional and mental trauma males experience when they witness a female soldier being killed.

We are beautiful creatures and femininity is our role in humanity. It baffles me when such beautiful creatures want to strip off the qualities that make us so priceless. We have so much to offer and are so valuable just the way we are. Everything we are and everything we've built wouldn't be if we tried to be anything different or shed the purpose for which we are. It doesn't matter what you look like or where you've been, God took great care with us females, creating stunning masterpieces for not only men to appreciate, but to appreciate in ourselves and with each other in the friendships we form and the societies we help build. Being a female is a beautiful thing.
Disclaimer: I do not condone the teaching of men by women nor am I trying to exercise authority over men by using this blog as a method of teaching men. All posts are for the edification of women. For more on what I believe concerning this issue please see: Women - No Dominion Over Men
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