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The American Female - Beautiful Diasters

As an American female myself I'm the first to admit American girls can be shallow and will instantly default to materialism if a guy's looks are not on par with American standards...and American standards are pretty high.  Ugly guy or even average? If you have money you're just as hot as Johnny Depp, but you'll be treated like a door mat.

I'm in no way attacking my fellow American females out there so don't take this wrong. I'm attacking the system fed to us since birth. The problem with American girls isn't looks. It's true American females are some of the most beautiful girls in the world. But no matter how beautiful we are...let's face it our attitude and ideas can really suck and that's what can cost us dearly.

If you've been reading here a while then you know I am not an advocate of feminism. I despise feminism. The word "feminism" is completely deceiving itself. Feminism's inception was valuable, but what it's morphed into hasn't only damaged American men, but damaged the American girl and her reputation. We're not viewed as we like to think we are. What we've become in most places are obnoxious, fake, simple minded, gold digging, easy feminists. But there's a lot of irony in this that makes us look a little moronic.

Feminism has raised us females. It's been fed to us our entire lives in every area and every aspect. American females posture in masculinity. We've been taught to. From the moment we even meet a guy we're already asserting ourselves as on par or more dominating than he is. Combined with looks, this can be a poisonous mix for any man who will probably eventually be found sneaking out the backdoor with his suitcases. Men are visual creature and we know this so we use that to our advantage to reel them in. And, like the visual creatures they are, they ignore the masculinity and domination in the beginning, but it always comes back to bite us. This posturing is so foreign to us that we just look mental eventually. It's like trying to wear daddy's boots to school and expecting everyone to envy us and want to be us. They don't fit no matter how cute we are.

In all this posturing, in all this manipulation and show of strength, we're most inclined to go for someone who makes a lot of money/is stable and is respected, feared and dominating to other males. We are going to gauge a male and go for an alpha status. Such as being attracted to the captain of the football team, business owner or head of corporation, bad boys etc. It's just in us to do no matter how much we front or fight it. The money makes him the provider. The domination and respect by other males makes him the protector and guardian. Genetically females instinctively go for the strongest male she has access to for survival purposes and reproduction. Tied to the physical strength is the male that offers the best stability/provisions. As often as we try to dominate the male, which is simply out of selfishness, when men stand up to us we wilt.

So I gotta ask...does this make any sense? Do we not look crazy? Why do us American girls waste so much time putting up this front when everything else we do by instinct shows us for what we really are? This behavior isn't even in our genetic makeup.

We'll sleep around because we think that's all the value we have to men. Or we'll want to sleep around because feminism tells us "if it's ok for a man to do it then it's ok for a woman." But the problem's not ok for men to do it. So why are we selling ourselves so short and cheapening ourselves? Another example is that our stimulation is not based on visuals like men, but women will gather at male strip clubs and act like crazed maniacs not because they're turned on by what they see, but because they think that's how men act in that situation.

Ever hear the "nice guy" complain that he can't get a girl? It's because he's not being the alpha male. It's not that he's nice. "Nice" is valuable. The problem is he's too sensitive which is characteristically a female trait. He's too subservient and frankly a pushover. By nature that's not what we females want.

So in all this what are we competing for? What exactly are we hoping to obtain? What message do we want to send? We may have certain ideas about it, but looking at the message we're sending and what's being received is the exact opposite. I know just with myself when I've used a dominating style the reception has been equivalent to looking a lion in the eyes. It's instinctively taken by the male as a direct challenge and affront to nature and his genetic makeup. But when I'm feminine and true to my female nature it's received quickly and happily. By nature men are attracted to and desire feminine females. There's no way around it.

Of course if you're a feminist you'll hate me for pointing this out, but there's absolutely nothing I wrote that isn't true. Do we want to stay splashing around at the shallow end believing we're the envy of the world when the truth is we're just beautiful disasters? Desired for a moment then brushed off like dandruff off a shoulder. Not attractive.


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