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Porn...The Truth

In a Psychology class I took at Duke we covered the background of porn. I don't mean the history. I mean the mentality of those in porn. It's sad and terrible to say the least....

Globally, the porn industry takes in 60 billion a year. Of that 60 billion Americans are responsible for 12 billion. That's a lot of money and considering that most people world wide watch porn on average at least once a month. In the States 20% of men admit to accessing porn at work and 13% of women admit to accessing porn at work. We need to look at porn for what it really is that's not advertised on a seedy cover or ever mentioned in any scene.

Most people think it's perfectly ok. On average those viewing porn figure it's not hurting anyone and those in the film are consenting adults so what's the big deal? When you consider those in the film themselves it takes a very dark and ugly turn.

The statistics are shocking. 98% of women in pornography were molested and raped as little girls.

Molestation is boot camp for the porn industry and prostitution.

That's severe abuse not just physically, but mentally and emotionally that was thrust on them at highly impressionable ages. While little girls were trusting and dependent, looking to those around them for love, care and protection, they were taken advantage of and used up in the worst way.

What people are watching when they secretly buy porn is women who have been severely traumatized from a very early age therefore taught and genuinely believe that the only value they have is what they can offer sexually.

Why? Because their rapist...who was most likely a close family friend, or worse, relative or father, only placed value on that little girl when she brought him sexual pleasure generally from the ages of 2 to 12 years old and it's carried into their adult life. She knows nothing else. Molestation is excruciatingly traumatizing and damaging to anyone, but when it comes from a father the trauma is even worse and the statistics for incest is on the rise.

You may think "well she looks like she's enjoying it!"

First she's being paid to look that way and 2nd that's all she knows. She's never been treated with any value, any respect, and honor, any compassion or love by those who should have given it to her. Instead they inflicted terrible abuse which has warped the emotions and mentality of the victim so severely and grotesquely they live in a fog of deep depression, anxiety, worthlessness, hopelessness, despair and constant seeking for what they never had....genuine love and approval. Porn not only provides them money to live (more often than not to support drug habits) but porn provides them the desperate opportunity to feel loved even for a few minutes by being used not just by the men in the film but everyone who watches. So they subject themselves to that treatment desperately searching for what they never got. The one thing more valuable to all human beings above all money and

Would we pay 60 billion a year to see the physical mutilation of a child? When we watch porn we are watching the continual emotional and mental mutilation that began for these women when many weren't even out of diapers yet.

When we access porn we are essentially advocating, condoning and enjoying the perpetual abuse their abuser continues to inflict on them even years later. There's a reason why in American prisons child molesters are targeted by the rest of the prison population. Sometimes molesters are slashed across the face by inmates as a branding to other inmates of their crime so they can be easily spotted. They are the lowest of the low even among some of the worst criminals and many times have to be protected by isolation. When hardened criminals in prison have the natural instinct in them that you don't hurt a shows the dark levels a child molester has sunk to.

When we then pay to watch porn at 60 billion a year thereby taking part in the continual abuse of that woman...what levels have we as a society sunk to?


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