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Hey Meatball Maker! You Suck!

I made my grandmas recipe for meatballs for dinner. I even slow cooked them in her old crock pot for 5 hours. It was my first attempt and everything went good. I'm a pretty good cook so I was confident. How hard could it be?

Part of the ingredients for the sauce was a half jar of grape jelly and a jar of cocktail sauce. No problem! 5 hours later everything was ready and Sharb came in from work and I knew he was starving. I served him and he's staring at the meatballs on his plate. Sharb is used to Iranian food which I can't cook....yet. But he's ok with eating what I know which is a whole lot of American and some Jewish. When he wants what he's used to he always cooks it himself and he's a really good cook! But as far as my long as he eats and it's good he's not picky. Thank God too!

Because of the jelly they were really dark on the outside. That's normal. I assured him they were good. My grandma used to make them for parties or holidays and everyone loved them. They were always the first things to go. I wasn't hungry because I'd been munching the whole day so I left him in the kitchen to eat while I put more laundry in the washer and came back a few minutes later. He was rinsing my meatballs off under the water faucet! The poor man was so hungry he was willing to rinse them off and eat them!

I'm like "what are you doing?!" And he says "did you try these?" No but how could anything be wrong? I followed her recipe to the last detail

so I tried one. O Lord help me they sucked something fierce! The actual meatball itself was good but something happened to the grape jelly sauce they cooked in during the process and there was a whole lot of weirdness going on. Sharb kept rinsing them off and says with his mouth full "baby don't make this again ok?"

So one recipe out the window and I ended up making dinner twice. I couldn't let him eat those things. God talk about blonde moments! Sometimes following directions doesn't help. I should've at least tried one before giving them to him lol
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