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Stressed Out Like No One's Bidness!

Going to school, working and planning a wedding on short notice is seriously freaking me out! For as much as I'm losing my mind it would be worse without a some people. THANK GOD for my friends, their moms and my fiance Sharb's sister Yasmeen! I would be bald by now and sitting in a corner mumbling and drooling if it wasn't for them. I'm not kidding. Once I hit Thanksgiving break I'll be better...I hope

Yasmeen knows how to plan an event on very little. Because my friend Julia is getting married in February she's up to her eyeballs in wedding, wedding, wedding. If you ever have to plan a wedding on short notice especially if you have no experience what so ever like can be done! I'm also learning quick that this bad economy is a huge advantage with something like this! So keep that in mind if you want to plan a wedding. In this economy people have services and things to sell and will drop their prices to get your business. Most open minded and creative!

My fiance and I were planning to get'er done by our Pastor in a casual ceremony with only a few people then maybe go out to eat afterward. That idea didn't go down smoothly with others so now we're doing this as formal as possible considering the time we have

Yasmeen got us a restaurant banquet room for a small reception on a Friday night (hey when you're doing short notice you won't come close to a Saturday anywhere for at least 6 months). They'll also take care of the food. This place has their own DJ but Sharb's cousin has a friend who's a DJ and he agreed to do it for a lot cheaper then the "house" DJ. Good enough! Julia and her mom designed the invitations on a computer themselves which saved tons of money and time and we got them filled out last night, stamped and in the mail this morning. I thought to do a Facebook event invite for some people but apparently that's ghetto haha!

Since it won't be just a few people and casual our church can't do it because it's in the process of moving. Our Pastor can do it but not there. So now we're getting married at Sharb's dad's church which is cool with me. Really just tell me where I need to be and I'll show up! This has been one of the worst parts. For a few days it looked like we may get married one day and have the reception another day. How weird would that be? We actually got the banquet room before nailing down the church and that is what set our wedding date haha. Since it's a Friday it went easier. I'm not complaining

I don't have time to have a gown made and fittings and all that crap so I have to buy one. We've been  looking and I haven't found one yet I really like but I'm hopeful. Here's the cool part...a friend of my dad called from Boston after hearing from him I was getting married. She's a species all unto herself lol. She called to talk me out of it, yelled at me a couple of times, swore a few times (she thinks I'm too young) but in the end she offered to buy my gown as a gift so she sent a check since she won't be able to make it. Woohoo! Thanks Tracy! Tuxedo's have been causing us the most problems but if all else fails then black suits will work just fine. Just gotta be flexible

You can buy a cake at a bakery as we are as long as you keep the design simple you'll save time and money.  My bridesmaids are wearing plain black dresses with white shawls (shawls from JC Penny 20.00 each). None of the dresses even match but they are the same length and with the shawls it's very nice. My friends Rachel and Kelly are decorating the collars of each dress with small rhinestones so they at least look very similar and pretty

Flowers....fake! Every last one of them and bought at Micheal's on discount along with tons of ribbon. Beads and other small accessories can be bought at dollar stores, Walmart, Meijer just about anywhere. Now we have to come up with a design for the tables and church. Decorating is a little challenging but we're getting table cloths cheap at Jo-Ann Fabrics and cut there with decorative scissors so no sewing is involved. My friend Eve's mom is going to make my bouquet but Micheal's also does it. Fuhgetaboutit! Do your own or have a friend do it for you. I'm leaving my hair down and my friend Rachel is going to add tiny pearls throughout. It's way cute and you can buy a bead hook anywhere for about 10 bucks. The only thing we'll get done for us is nails, eyebrows and waxing but that can be done anywhere a couple of days before on everyone's own time

I realize it's still early to call this a success but it's getting done and even if every detail doesn't come together I have to be ok with that. A wedding on short notice or not...whether you wanted a big wedding or not suddenly becomes an obsession! My biggest worry is people showing up on short notice lol. Work with what you got and don't lose it like I am. Tonight is "centerpiece" night lol
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