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In Samuel 13:14 God referred to David as a man after His own heart. What made David special to God? Was he without sin? Nope. David made some huge blunders as King. To name just a few, there's the murder of Bathsheba's husband Uriah for example. Not to mention committing adultery with Bathsheba (Solomon's mother). He not only got Uriah's wife pregnant, but he tried to trick Uriah by getting him drunk so he'd go home to his wife and they could pass off the baby as Uriah's. When that didn't work David sent Uriah back to the front lines and told Joab through a note that when the battle picked up to have the men back away from Uriah so he'd be killed. As if that's not bad enough, David sent that note to Joab by Uriah himself. The poor man carried his own death sentence back to the battle and didn't even know it.

There's also the census he took (2 Samuel) in Israel out of pride so he could boast in his kingdom as if he made it, exalted it and sustained it himself. Then later in life we know he was a slack father. His kids ran amok and he didn't discipline them. He didn't even defend his daughter Tamar when her brother Amnon raped her. Remember Absalom his son? He took vengeance on Amnon for the rape...something David should have done. Then later Absalom caused a rebellion and usurp David.

What made David so special to God was David repented. He was humble and when he sinned he admitted it. Because David was humble he was teachable.

When Nathan the prophet went to David about Bathsheba, David admitted his guilt, humbled himself, repented and turned away from his sin. He accepted the punishment God measured out by taking the baby she was pregnant with, but because David repented, God gave them Solomon who eventually took the throne. In every instance David humbled himself to God. That's what made David special. That's what made him the apple of God's eyes and it's not something all of us can't reach. We all sin. We all blow it. But when we're humble and we repent when we've sinned, no matter how embarrassing or crushing to our pride it might be, that's when God looks at us too and says "they're after My own heart".


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