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The Details

Why would a God who paid so much attention to even the tiniest details in creation not be involved in the tiniest details in my life, in every circumstance, in every situation?

Every snow flake is different. Ever look at a snow flake closely? The details of the designs are so intricate that it's shocking and there are no 2 a like. Look at the all the snow on the ground...billions and trillions of snow flakes all gathered together and piled on top of each other and not one single flake is like another

Look at the grass in a field and the wild flowers produced there in spring. Each one is different, each blade and leaf is intricately colored, shaped, and positioned

That God is just as involved in every detail of my life. That God who said that He sees us in the womb and knits us together...that He sees our unformed bodies and calls us by name even then...nothing escapes His knowledge, His approval or His involvement. He's constantly working and constantly involved. He doesn't sit back and let certain laws of nature operate while he goes on vacation or something. That's man's wisdom that thinks that. That's man trying to work God into their understanding. God is above and beyond our understanding. He's the Creator and Sustainer. He sustains all of creation. He keeps it all running and operating right down to the smallest cell.

In Colossians it says Y'Shua holds everything together. That He not only created all things but holds them together.

I can do nothing, say nothing, think nothing without His involvement and knowledge. There's no where I can go to escape Him. There's nothing I can do He's not aware of. That's not a God far away. That's a God that's in my face constantly. That's a little unnerving lol

Y'Shua is the glue that keeps everything together...literally. Wanna see something interesting? It's the glue that holds our bodies together...


Laminin... a protein. A tiny little molecule in our extracellular matrix that acts as a kind of glue that literally holds our bodies together.

I know...amazing huh?

I had a moment lol. Ever have one with God where He does something for you that is unmistakeably Him doing it and all the while you thought He was too busy to even know you exist but He shows up in a big way and you just fall on your knees look up and say "I can't believe You would do that for me? Who am I among billions? Why would You take notice of me? But He does! He not only notices...He's all involved! Sometimes He has to use circumstances and situations, people, everything around us and in us to do one us right to Him


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